Youth Video Art Exchange
OPENING PROGRAM (Tuesday 17:00-18:00) Welcome to listen and participate in an interview with the artists and the founder of the Video Art Exchange project. Lucas Vogt (FI) will talk about the background and methodology of the project, and three of the children will also be joining us from Odesa to comment on their experience as video artists. After the interview the necessary tools will be provided for members of the audience who are interested to try the method for themselves in the local urban landscape. EXHIBITION Odesa, 2015 (32'06 min) Durrës, 2016 (29'59 min) I gave these kids a video camera and told them they are video artists. And that I would show their work if they ever returned the memory card to me. The videos produced by Bogdan, Misha, Kirill, and Nikolai in Odesa, Ukraine, 2015; and the videos produced by Denis, Andi, and Egi in Durrës, Albania, 2016 will be exhibited as a part of the Dnipro Construction Festival program. The space is open each day 17 – 20. ~ The Video Art Exchange project started as a psychogeographic experiment, inspired by the theories of Guy Debord and the Situationists. You roam through the public space with your eyes open. Occasionally a group of children will enter the scene. If they look inspired by life and their surroundings, you offer them to embody the role of video artist. Children have a story to tell, and they see things adults do not. The tricky part is helping them express themselves without contaminating it with adult notions and ideas. We lend video cameras to groups of youth in their early teens, and give them free hands to document whatever they would like to show to children in other European countries. videoartexchange.com lucasvogt.com Thanks: Elvis, Alena, Ira, Adi, Fation, Marius, Mirjana The project has been supported by VISEK, the Finnish Cultural Foundation, and The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland.
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