читальна сесія ORLANDO
Orlando" is perhaps Virginia Woolf's most personal book. Orlando is young, handsome -- and his beauty should never fade. A wish that becomes his destiny. The young courtier becomes a diplomat in Constantinople, the thirty-year-old a woman who returns with a gypsy troop to England, where she marries the man of her dreams and gives birth to a son. Orlando's eventful life was completed and crowned in London in the early 20th century, when she became famous as a poet. On the occasion of the installation FADE/Bloom, Anna and Thomas invite you to read individual passages from the novel "Orlando" together. When was the last time you took time to read a literary text? The ORLANDO Reading Session will take place on two days. Anna and Thomas have chosen text passages from Virginia Woolf's novel "Orlando" for the installation FADE / BLOOM and intend to read them together with you. Квиток на вході — 300грн. Ви можете також зайти за абонементом. До 5 червня ціна на абонемент на всі події фестивалю (3 дні) - 500 грн https://tickets.katacult.com/Construction_festival
Вхід: 300 грн