Rona Yeffman
Rona Yefman (born 1972, Haifa, Israel) is an Israeli artist based in New York City working in Photography, Video and Installation. Her work explores issues of identity - mainly gender identity - focusing and collaborating with individuals who have undergone radical persona changes and construction.This body of work, reflecting a cultural development in western individualism and self-identity issues, has both documented and worked in itself as an act of rebellion. Yefman's exploration are a political - anarchic - statement seeking to overthrow the boundaries and cultural norms that oppress the individual's freedom for self-definition - "Her subjects embody the possibility of freedom, and her work as a whole is concerned with the gap between who we are, and who we want to be".[2] A big part of Yefman's work revolve around her brother Gil, their relationship, and his 14 years gender transformation process from male undergoing treatments toward becoming a female and then going back to male again. Another long-term project is Yefman's "Martha-A-Bouke" project focusing on an 80 year old transgender Holocaust survivor performing for her videos anonymously. Yefman has had multiple solo exhibitions in the USA and Europe, and has participated in many group exhibitions all across the world.