Mika Oki
MIka Oki, is a multidisciplinary french-japanese artist living in Brussels. With a background of electro-acoustic and sculpture, her sonic and plastic work deal with notion of intangible spaces and the lost of reality marks. After have been selected by SHAPE Platform in 2018, she has performed and shown her work in European audiovisual festivals like Berlin Atonal, TodaysArt, SONICA, CYNETART, in Africa for Nyege Nyege Festival and recently in Algeria for Phonetics Festival. Using kinetic images, her music performances generate mind trips and body journeys through ambient sounds and abstract sound textures. While as a Dj, she breaks the sonic fron tieres by traveling between IDM, bass music & grime. Her involvement in the electronic and experimental music scenes, and her desire to highlight the Belgian artistic community led her to become station manager at The Word Radio in Brussels.
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