Workshop by Snediggen Snurssla
A meeting for diver in field recording, deep listening, meditation, contact improvisation, and uninfluenced curiosity will focus on deepening sensory and movement experience in the urban environment. The center of attention will be the interpretative-performance co-operation of sounds of space, material objects and our movement between them. The workshop will develop the ability and the taste to improvise with the environment and the so-called «ocit». Co-authors of miniature sound collages and compositions will become ourselves as well as space around. Whether it will be an indelible mark on the sound memory of the city, or whether it is a little lessening your ability to listen carefully, it only depends on you. The workshop does not focus on working with technology, but on the ability to make technology from ourselves. But if you want, bring your own recorder, (not) a favorite item, or just anything that takes you along the way. About author: Snediggen Snurssla, is a music promoter, DJ, sound astronaut, education innovator and passionate hunter. With his team at AVA in Brno and other cities, he brings courageous music to unusual places, with the emphasis on interconnecting the genius of space, extraordinary music, and ritually tuned experience. It also connects sound and space through its field recordings that collects around the world, workshops and various site-specific performances that bring attention to unexpected sounds and experiences.
Free Entrance