HOW TO READ SYNTHS with Synth Library Prague Join us in exploring sound creation and learn how to read synths with the co-founder of the Synth Library Prague. We might need a sawtooth, envelope and maybe some spaghetti too. And we will explore Forbidden planets while staying switched-on. Mary C, co-founder of Synth Library Prague will introduce basic vocabulary and demonstrate various processes a patches. Together we will learn a little bit about history of electronic music instruments and the ideas and motivations behind them. To be able to navigate smoothly through the knobs, faders, switches and patches, we will take a closer look at the architecture and interfaces of few instruments from the Synth Library collection and we will play together at the end. Marie Ctverackova aka Mary C Co-founder of the Synth Library Prague, musician, DJ, radio host, music editor and founder of music education platform Kreaton together with her partner producer and composer Martin Tvrdý. She hosts her weekly show on public Czech Radio Wave focused mostly on rap and various kinds of electronic music and curates music education program Music Ports focused on supporting local young musicians in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Prag. She also co-founded collective ZVUK and together with Bastl Instruments they opened a space for music education in Prague. Together with Alissa deRubeis, co-founder of the original S1 Synth Library Portland/USA, Mary C started Synth Library Prague which she now runs. Last year Synth Library founded a collective of female musicians called Trigger and organized educational series of lectures and debates. The outcome of the program was a printed magazine focused on diversity and representation on the electronic scene as well as systems of control not only in the field of music technology. Mary C co-curated events in collaboration with Prague clubs MeetFactory or Palác Akropolis and hosted many debates rooted in cultural activism. Together with Martin Tvrdy she released experimental projects under the name Hrubik and toured as Člověk Pokrokový (Man of Progress). _________________ Квиток на вході — 300грн. Ви можете також зайти за абонементом. До 5 червня ціна на абонемент на всі події фестивалю (3 дні) - 500 грн
Free Entrance