Performance «Séance» by Theatrelabor
Five lost souls meet for an evocation of a special kind: SÉANCE portrays stories at the edge of darkness, on the borderline between illusion and reality. These figures drifting through the night obsessively conjure up life and death. In doing so, they resemble the shadowy, mystically entangled characters that populate the paintings of Edward Hopper. In their songs, texts, and actions they disclose a unique universe of mad nightmares – deeply dark and highly comical, fascinating and disturbing. By changing the perspectives in their thoughts and actions they look at and speak about decay and transcience, about their rational motifs for their never-ending voyage and their unfulfilled dreams. Being unpredictable andal most otherworldly they talk about themselves and about the struggle with their own demonic spirits. Heaven and hell – that is not always the others. Or: hope dies last. Performance: Yuri Birte Anderson, Alina Tinnefeld, Thomas Behrend, Michael Grunert / Director: Siegmar Schröder / Dramaturgy: Helge-Björn Meyer / Sound Effects: Stan Pete
Free Entrance