Lecture by Anna Bajanova
Iyssk Köl: Hybrid Architecture between a Post-Soviet Search for Identity, Nomadic Tradition and Global Capitalism. The design for a house in rural Kyrgyzstan. At its core, the project attempts to distill a built form for a contemporary living space by addressing discrepancies and contradictions within society, collages – both cultural and built – and the improvised opulence, which seems to permeate all aspects of life. The focus is on contemporary culture in Kyrgyzstan as it exists today, that is without nostalgia for times past or a specific vision of how things should be in the future. The found, the adapted and the new are equally important in this process as are the country’s nomadic and soviet pasts and its current search for its place in the world. The site is Lake Iyssk Köl and in total the project consists of a visual and historical analysis, a master plan for a proposed settlement and a design for a single house. Like modern shepherds, who use solar panels to charge their cell phones high in the mountains so they can play candy crush next to their herd of sheep, the design aims to unite global tendencies and local realities, tradition and modernity, human ingenuity and emerging technologies.
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