Mika Motskobili
In late 2009 I found out about then emerging Center of Contemporary Art - Tbilisi and decided to enroll. I started out as a student at 2D Art course, but soon I also routed my energies towards Sound Art classes. In 2012 I participated in Polish-Georgian design workshop where we had to design an item from manufacturing waste based on interviews we conducted with factory workers [FSO in Warsaw and Paper Plus in Tbilisi]. I’ve been actively involved in Tbilisi Triennial: In 2012 I was an assistant to Ruth Castro and René Francisco as well as creating my own sound installation. In the 2 nd Tbilisi Triennial I released a sound piece on tape as part of Oor’s project at Gallery Nectar: Oor Tape Edition #2. I also created a soundtrack for 2015 Tbilisi Triennial promo video. I’ve collaborated with few video artists on multiple occasions.