Mai Omer
Mai Omer was born in 1985 in Israel. Her main passions are arts, politics and education. For her these fields are interconnected, as they offer not only ways to understand the world but also means to affect it. She thinks of art as a powerful tool. One that is used not only to re-think aesthetic languages but also to assemble communities, to build infrastructures, to gather knowledge and to imagine and create socio-political alternatives. All this, while having a sense of fulfillment and fun. Most of her projects attempt to involve different groups of people. SheI prefers to work collectively and in interdisciplinary groups. She finds that working in groups enriches the creative process and often result in an outcome that appeals to people outside of the artistic sphere. In recent years she has collaborated with other artists, musicians, architects, politicians and youth. Since 2010 she works in ‘The Israeli Center for Digital Art’ as a curator and director of the Center's archive. This position enables me to initiate, create, produce and participate in artistic projects that aim to foster social change, as well as to collaborate with Israeli and international artists and curators. In 2017 Mai was accepted for an MFA program to Goldsmith University.